Eye Glasses

Glens Falls Vision Care is an award winning Optical Store with a huge selection of premium eyeglass frames from these top manufacturers.

Tiffany Glasses

Tiffany & Co is a legendary name in the world of fashion. Tiffany & Co. offers eyeglass frames for women and men in a wide range of styles and colors. A distinctive fashion accessory, Tiffany & Co. makes a statement for those with a classic sense of style and beauty.

Ray-Ban Glasses

World renowned style is the promise of the Ray Ban brand of fashion eyewear. Ray Ban offers a huge selection of frame materials and styles to fit your tastes and your lifestyle.

Coach Glasses

Coach eyeglasses offer classic New York style combined with extraordinary quality. Widely recognized as a leader in premium fashion accessories, Coach’s unique eyewear is perfect the uncompromising wearer.

Vogue Glasses

Vogue eyeglass frames are trendy and vivacious. Vogue styling provides a huge variety of designs and colors empowering the wearer to express their personality.

Ralph Lauren Glasses

Redefining American style, Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products that showcase an adventurous style. Well known for combining vintage flare with contemporary styles, you’ll find a high quality, unique fashion blend that is unmistakably Ralph Lauren.

Polo Glasses

Polo frames make up a distinctive line of timeless, elegant eyewear. For a look that is mature and classic with just the right touch of sporty, Polo eyewear is perfect for the active, professional.

LuLu Guinness Glasses

"Dress to suit your Mood - Don't keep all your most glamourous things for special occasions." The Lulu Guinness eyeglasses collections awaken the Lulu Guinness woman to a wardrobe full of color and innovative fabrics.

Brooks Brothers Glasses

Brooks Brothers offers nearly 200 years of Classic American Style. Well known for consistent designs , luxury and elegance, Brooks Brothers offers the highest quality eyewear for the sophisticated professional wearer.

Nike Glasses

Nike eyewear, like the rest of the Nike lineup of products, offers a performance driven design that is perfect for the active wearer. Stylish and sporty, Nike eyeglasses are built to hold up to the fast pace of the “Just Do It” motto while offering a fashionable, unmistakable Nike flair.

Oakley Glasses

Oakley is a name that calls to mind high quality materials and unmistakable design sure to be recognized wherever you go. Oakley eyeglasses are perfect for the sporty and active wearer. Oakley eyewear offers a wide selection of frame types, styles and colors.